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Beauty Training

Beauty Training Course on AIPA?

Enterprise Customized Training Support Center

Recent developments in beauty care in Korea are leading the entire Asian trend, including Vietnam. Therefore, we want to promote the Korean beauty culture to the world through exchange of beauty culture among countries and contribute to the development of beauty before fostering beauty experts.We have been working on the integration of beauty technology with local beauty technology for a long time, and we will open up the possibility and better development through our one-day seminar here.

We would like to improve the quality of beauty culture and establish a place for communication and harmony of beauty culture around the world and contribute to the development of beauty industry.

100% Professional Lecture Program

  • This program may be adapted to the request of the student.

  • This program is recognized by the Korea Association

Providing optimized training programs based on customer needs.

  1. Make up artist course

  2. Waxing

  3. Pelvic calibration

  4. Semi-impact massage

  5. Aroma and limp massage

  6. Face reduction massage

  7. Open the program at the customer's request.

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