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MLM ((Multi Level Marketing))


​Welcome aboard the Global Integrated Marketing Agency AIPA.

​We are a marketing company with various marketing services that provide diverse marketing services that promote customer business and increase value.
The mix of premium media marketing focused on Creative, Performance and Combination is a powerful and effective marketing approach.
Based on this, it is the pursuit of Aipa's pursuit of delivering the best experience to customers.


Through an efficient working process by the Unified Structural System, we will provide you with integrated marketing services that satisfy both customers and users.

We want to become a marketing company with a sense of success with a sense of mission that is called ‘ Customer Brand Value ’.

Through the success and satisfaction of the customer's business, we will achieve continued growth and development.

​Business Area

  • ​​Marketing, Sales, Logistic, Technical, Financial, Information support
  • Management, Internal, Accounting, Investment Support

  • Business Ability Growth

  • Branch office Service

​Fixed Sales

  • Branch office Agency

  • Marketing Research Agency

  • Special Sales